Net2rent offers two payment modes, for active properties or by number of reservations.

This versatility is very important for certain agencies that might have few properties but many reservations, or vice-versa.

Our fee system works in a flexible way, so that you can begin using the system that best matches your business, and the system will adapt monthly, without you have to worry about anything, to provide you the best fees possible.

In the case of fee per property, the pro-rated monthly portion of the annual fee only considers active properties, defined as those which appear in both the search engine for offers and the reservation engine.

Net2rent has no restrictions on the number of users that can access the platform.

Start working with the new system as soon as possible

The start-up process includes an initial software configuration, to adapt it as best as possible to your way of working, and guidance from a consultant who will show you all the steps leading up to publication (configuration of agency percentages, template customization, seasons and prices, etc. ...).

Professional Support

Net2rent offers you a support service totally free, providing service by telephone, ticket system, or via email.

Our telephone support service operating hours are from 9:00 to 14:00...

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