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net2rent is a complete vacation rental management platform that will allow you to have your agency under control and at the same time will facilitate the integration with the most prominent portals in the sector. Our PMS (Property Management System) will help you to efficiently manage your accommodation bookings and the whole workflow integrated in one single application, without any additional installations or licenses and accessible from any device connected to the internet.


Why net2rent?

Discover the advantages of our PMS

net2rent allows you to configure unlimited agencies/offices linked to the same company, unlimited users with different profiles or permissions depending on their attributes and manage up to 8 languages, in all your processes.


In an easy and intuitive way, the entire flow of a reservation is processed, both at the configuration level, specifying the rules for check-in, check-out, days of entry release… and at the level of management of budgets, pre-reservations, reservations with guarantee, payments, accessories, additional services…


In a totally visual and intuitive way net2rent allows you to create seasons and periods for the management of prices of the properties. Possibility to create special seasons (long weekends or holidays) and seasons based on other existing ones (base season). This process, besides being extremely easy to configure, will allow you to have absolute control over the management of seasons and prices.


The e-commerce module will allow you to offer your customers an even more complete experience, either by marketing tourist packages, combining properties, with services, activities… or improving the stay with the hiring or acquisition of products or services.


net2rent automatically generates the documents for any type of settlement with an owner: partial and/or total settlements, properties on commission or guarantee, with commissions on owner prices, on rental price or price difference… relating reservations, expenses, pending invoices, extras, payments on account, etc.


It speeds up the check-in process by scanning the ID card or passport. In a few seconds you will have all the guest’s data, including the photo uploaded to net2rent.


The cleaning module allows you to generate different types of cleaning, both manual and automatic. It automatically generates a cleaning schedule, and entries and exits for each property; as well as intermediate cleaning within the same reservation, facilitating the service of changing towels or sheets for long-term stays. It also generates work orders to send to your external provider, and assign the cost to the owner, the customer or the agency itself.

net2rent is designed to manage properties of any kind, both individually and as part of a building with different types of apartments. No matter how much data you enter per property: characteristics, photos, accessories, discounts… everything can be managed from the property file. From the file you can also access the related reservations, contracts, invoices, occupancy calendar and much more.


From net2rent, publish and manage all the properties, availability, rates and reservations in the most prominent portals and directly on your website. See more information in Channel manager and Web design.

All external user data is automatically entered and linked into the system providing a complete record of all your activity. The linking of documentation such as contracts, invoices, or settlements in the case of an owner are accessible from the selected profile (customers, owners, suppliers …)

By simply choosing the type of request and associating the appropriate template, you can send programmed communications from the same PMS. From a pre-check-in reminder, to a thank you or assessment after the guest’s departure, or recurring administrative procedures, such as a request for pending payments.


Without having to combine with other technological platforms, net2rent allows from the same interface, to manage sales and rental properties for long stays, publishing all the information about the property, and facilitating the creation of offers and follow-up of potential clients based on their search preferences.


On the price of the rate we can define a discount or increase in the reservation either by volume of days, by day of the week, of entrance and/or exit or simply punctual offers. In addition, you can create promotional campaigns from discount codes applicable from the web or directly from net2rent.


All the lists, templates, statistics, documents and reports necessary for any process (police control lists, 179 model…) have the maximum detail, and are exportable to different formats for display and/or sending process. The creation and management of templates allows you to customize every detail including the different variables of the system processes (invoices, reservations, requests…) and in all the languages of consultation.


All the treasury generated in the system (cash desk control, invoices, collections…) can be exported to standardized accounting programs (Sage-Contaplus). We can also keep an account control where we can visualize the profitability of your company.


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net2rent - Vacacion Rental Solution


Enter your properties, rates and seasons; configure availability, check-in & check-out days, and occupancy rules according to your needs.



Manage the reservations of your accommodations, control the arrivals and departures of guests on a daily basis and make your customers’ experience a completely satisfactory one.

net2rent - Vacacion Rental Solution
net2rent - Vacacion Rental Solution

Take control of your agency

Control payments, clean ups, and settlements with owners; view profit margins and prepare your business for the next season.

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