net2rent offers the integration of different platforms and services with its software. Below is a list of the main platforms and services integrated with net2rent.


Mailchimp is an email marketing service provider. It is a platform that allows you to send mass campaigns and newsletters from the application. With Mailchimp synchronization with net2rent, you can always keep your recipient lists up to date. With the Mailchimp synchronization module you can keep the different lists updated for each of the contacts in net2rent: Customers, Suppliers and Owners. The information that is synchronized is automatic (name, surname, email, country, date of birth, gender and language).


Sendinblue is a platform to manage digital marketing for businesses and organisations of all sizes. Sendinblue offers email marketing solutions and focuses on helping businesses improve their customer relationships. With Sendinblue, the agency will be able to send emails, text messages (SMS), generate autoresponders, clean the subscriber database, design landing pages, review statistics and much more. With the integration of Sendinblue with net2rent, the agency will be able to keep the lists of recipients (contacts, customers, owners…) updated and carry out email marketing and SMS campaigns.


Redsýs is a virtual payment platform that accepts payments from credit and debit cards, so that it acts as an intermediary between the buyer and the bank associated with an online shop so that any business can receive payments quickly and easily. At net2rent we can integrate Redsýs as a means of payment for bookings, integrating it both in the PMS and in the net2rent booking engine and the websites that net2rent develops, as well as in our Guest Area, so that agencies can receive payments through this system.


PayPal is an online payment method that allows users to pay for their purchases or transactions in a secure and user-protected way. It allows the user to associate their credit cards to the PayPal account and, when they want to pay, they simply log in with their email and password and choose the card they want to use to make the payment. From net2rent it is possible to integrate PayPal as a payment method in the PMS, in the net2rent Guest Area and in the booking engine.


Paycomet is a technological platform developed by experts in payment systems. With Paycomet, agencies will be able to work with the most complete platform for accepting payments. Fast and agile integration, multiple payment methods available and an advanced fraud system. With Paycomet, agencies will be able to offer their customers the possibility to pay online from any device. Paycomet’s solutions are designed to help improve conversion by optimising the user experience at check out. With the integration of Paycomet with net2rent, it will be possible to add this online payment method to the PMS and the guest area, as well as to the net2rent booking engine.

Delta ID scanner

DELTA ID is a solution focused on the agile, secure and automatic reading and registration of identity documents; designed to streamline and optimise the check-in and registration of users, from any device, in a secure, fast and practical way. It can identify documents or identity cards from up to 200 countries. With the integration of DELTA scanners and its DELTA ID platform in net2rent, its platform can be implemented as a method of reading and obtaining data from identity documents from up to 200 countries.

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